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The Struggle

The Struggle - Lauren's Story

When the world around you comes crashing in and anxiety and fear choke away all life, is there any way to escape and find real hope?

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When The Storm Hits

Painful Moments

When something devastating happens in your life, it can impact everything! It also brings feelings of pain + loss, but can there be a glimmer of hope?

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Jesus Vs Easter Bunny

What's Easter About Anyway?

Since everyone loves chocolate, we hit the streets with Jesus + the Easter Bunny and give away Easter Eggs while finding out what they think of Easter.

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Behind The Selfies

Filming 'The Selfie Empire'

We have a lot of fun on all of our film shoots, especially the weird and quirky ones like this! Check out our stellar cast and some behind the scenes clips.

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We are filmmakers.
We are Music makers.
We are Jesus followers.

The world is beautiful, the world is messed up, and the world is all of us. No matter who you are or where you come from, we all have questions + longings for truth.

We’re taking this mess head on with a passion to connect with you. We’re listening, speaking and presenting insight and answers through film, music and social media.

This is all for you, the viewer, the student, the brother, the sister, the loud guy, the funny girl, the unpopular, the rejected. YOU! We’re all in this together, so lets journey together and find some answers.

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