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Blue Moose Promo

Don't Waste Your Summer

Heaps of fun filming this new super slo mo promo for the awesome summer mission experience known as Blue Moose. Get online and get involved!

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Rising From The Dead

Film Screen Tests

In the pre-production of our film, 'RESPAWN', we wanted to do a screen test to first see if it was possible to raise our team from the dead... It was.

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Death Escapes No One

What if Call of Duty-esque video games took away the respawn option? What the heck would happen? Death is inevitable, but ever thought about life after death?

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The Evangelist - Flashbacks

Rob Coyle's Ministry So Far

A little retro snapshot of the beginnings of YD and Rob Coyle's involvement in setting up the ministry. Oh and don't forget 'Coffee Shop Man'...

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We are filmmakers.
We are Music makers.
We are Jesus followers.

The world is beautiful, the world is messed up, and the world is all of us. No matter who you are or where you come from, we all have questions + longings for truth.

We’re taking this mess head on with a passion to connect with you. We’re listening, speaking and presenting insight and answers through film, music and social media.

This is all for you, the viewer, the student, the brother, the sister, the loud guy, the funny girl, the unpopular, the rejected. YOU! We’re all in this together, so lets journey together and find some answers.

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Sneak Peek

Lured Into The Wilderness

We're currently scoping out some new locations for some extremely rad films! If you know of any sweet places that we should film in, we'd love to hear from you!