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Beneath The Bunker

The Making Of 'Engage: Transmission'

Are you one of those people who watch EVERY special feature on ALL of your DVD's? Then you're gonna to salivate over this!

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Engage: Transmission

This is Bulls+Arrows

There is a message that goes beyond our existence. A message for which people have died. It saves the lost, restores the broken, and gives sight to the blind.

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2013 Reel

Our Best So Far

This reel's a little snapshot into our lives and work at Bulls+Arrows, including street talk films, artist and band interviews, short films and just all round craziness!

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If You Were God...

How Would You Prove Your Love?

We spent a day cruising around our beautiful city of Melbourne asking people one question: 'If you were God, how would you prove your love to everyone?'

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We are filmmakers.
We are Music makers.
We are Jesus followers.

The world is beautiful, the world is messed up, and the world is all of us. No matter who you are or where you come from, we all have questions and longings for truth.

We’re taking this mess head on with a passion to connect with you. We’re listening, speaking and presenting insight and answers through film, music and social media.

This is all for you, the viewer, the student, the brother, the sister, the loud guy, the funny girl, the unpopular, the rejected. YOU! We’re all in this together, so lets journey together and find some answers.

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Sneak Peek

Plug Into The Matrix

We're currently working on our new film about transmission and are super pumped about it!

With shipping yards, bicycles, power lines and LOTS of hard rubbish TV sets, we can't wait for you guys to see it all and get more of a glimpse of the heart behind Bulls+Arrows.